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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tag! Oh Tag!

If someone say this to you, what will you say back?

1. I love you...
if my hubby ... i love you too ...

2. Will you marry me?
sorry .. i'm taken ..

3. Hey bitch!
Why you call me bitch?

4. Can you be my gf/bf?
sorry ... i'm taken and have one baby boy

5. You're a very good singer. I like your voice.
Are you sure?

6. Hye honey!

7. I like you!
Thank you so much ...

8. I hate you!
Oh really? It's ok.

9. Stay away from me!!
I'm sorry cause disturb you and make you feel uncomfortable. Ok, I'll go now.

10. You're so cute!
Huh? Are you sure? By the way, thanks.

11. Can you sing me a song?
I think you will close you ear when you hear my singing. huhuhuhu

12. Nice weather today?
Yes. Alhamdulillah

If someone do this to you, what will you do and say?

1. What if someone kick you?
Arghhh.. it's hurt. Why you kick me? What I've done to you? Give me the explanation please.

2. What if someone kiss you?
if my baby boy ... ibu kiss, kiss and kiss you again...

3. What if someone hit you from behind?
Auch!! SAKIT!!

4. What if someone force you to do something stupid?
I want your explanation? Why must i do this????

5. What if someone give you flowers?
Thank you very much.

6. What if someone hold your hand?
It's ok.. nevermind. But if it is man, please don't hold my hand! Haram lah... dosa tau.

7. What if someone hugs you?
I love you hubby....

8. What if someone take you out for dinner?
Thanks for your kindness, really appriciate that.

9. What if someone give you a teddy bear?
So cute!

10. What if someone sing a song for you?
So sweet.

11. What if someone attack you?
I'll run! hahaha.

What do you think about the person that you love?
They will always and always and always be in my heart forever! I really loves my family and especially my hubby and my baby, without them.. maybe I even don't know the meaning of real life. Thanks all for everything. I love and I miss you~

Is there anyone else sitting next to you at this time?
Human??? officemate

What do you feel at this time?
Cool.. it's cloudy.

What is the last movie that you watch and what do you think about it?
Erm... movie apa ek??? ntah lah lupe ...

Is this tagged too long for you?
Yep.. hahahaha

Are there anything special happened before this?
yes...when my son can walk 3 step for the 1st time ....

Do you wash yourself this morning?

Are there anything happened to you last few weeks?
been so busy. so tired

How is your weekend?
Just ok. spent time with my family .....

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